Best Gameplay Settings in NBA 2K23

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2022-10-15 02:11:10
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Setting your gameplay settings right can be critical to your career matches in NBA 2K23 and can decide if you would be a clutch or a choke player for your team. This guide can give you a reference to what can be the best gameplay settings for NBA 2K23.


Best Gameplay Settings in NBA 2K23

Coach Settings

The following are the best settings for the coach's game plan for NBA 2K23:

    • On Ball Pressure: Smother
    • Off Ball Pressure: Tight
    • Hedge: Catch Hedge
    • Hedge [Center]: Catch Hedge
    • On Ball Screen [Center]: Go Over
    • Double Team Perimeter: Manual
    • Double Team Post: Manual
    • Screen Help Rules: No Help
    • Drive Help Rules: No Help
    • Adaptive Coaching Engine: Turned off

Leave the rest of the settings on default, and you will be good to go.

Camera Settings

You can always go for everyone's favorite 2K camera settings to position the camera behind the offensive team. What this will do is it will give you a view of the entire court that is accessible to you at any given moment.

Shot Meter Settings

Here are the best shot meter settings for beginners and veterans of NBA 2K23:

For beginners:

    • Turn on the shot meter for jump shots and not layups.
    • Use the Comet (High) shot meter type.
    • Turn the shot meter off on for free throws.
    • Use the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button for shooting.
    • Sound doesn't really matter.

For veterans:

    • Turn off the shot meter for jump shots, layups, and free throws (this increases your shot window).
    • Rely on the timings for players.
    • Use the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button for shooting.

Controller Settings

Here are the best possible controller settings in NBA 2K23:

    • Shot Meter: Off
    • Shot Timing: Shots Only
    • Shot Timing: Very Late
    • Pro Stick Function: Default
    • Pro Stick Orientation: Absolute
    • Double Team Reaction: Manual
    • Who to Guard: On
    • Defensive Assist: Anywhere between 0-15
    • Pass Target Direction: 24
    • Pass Target Distance: 38
    • Pass Target Openness: 38

Leave the rest of the settings on default, or you can tinker with them.

Shot Timing Settings

You can set Shot Timing setting to either Very Late, Late, Early, or Very Early. This is to select when you want to release the button for the shot, and this doesn't make the game easier or change the animation, just the amount of the shot meter starts with so you can adjust if you want the shot window to be earlier or later.

Defense Settings

    • Defensive Assist Strength: 10 or 15

If you are playing the center position, we recommend keeping it to zero or lesser than 10.

Passing Settings

Here are the following recommended passing settings:

    • Pass Target Direction: 20-25
    • Pass Target Distance: 35-45
    • Openness: 90-100

These are the best gameplay settings in NBA 2K23. Visit here to check out our other guides for additional information on this game. Best of all, you can buy MT 2K23 from here while enjoying safe and fast service!