NHL 22: The complete guide to the custom team in Franchise Mode

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Time: 2021-10-14 07:49:16
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For a long time, NHL has been the most famous hockey game. In the NHL 22 game, Franchise Mode is one of the very distinctive and distinctive modes. Leading your favorite NHL team to glory in Franchise Mode is a special feeling, but creating a brand new team and ruling the overall situation is very challenging. In this article, we will introduce in detail the customizing team guide in Franchise Mode.

NHL 22: The complete guide to the custom team in Franchise Mode


NHL 22: How to start expanding draft?

In NHL 22, you can play two types of extended drafts. You can start with the Seattle Krakens and participate in the 32-team draft or choose to create a 33-team extended draft. The team you create is the 33rd team. In this case, the Seattle Kraken is already in the league.

To start with a custom team, select an expanded draft of 33 teams. On the next screen, select Create a group. If you have not created a custom team, the other option, "Select Team," will not be available.



NHL 22: Customize Your Team

It's time to create a team from scratch in NHL 22.


You have five things to create here:

  • Detailed information (name, nickname, arena name, etc.)
  • Logo and brand
  • Team uniform
  • Arena
  • Mascot



NHL 22: How to change your team details?

This is pretty standard-come up with a name and gives your team identity. Please note that your location + team name will be the full name of your team. Therefore, Buffalo Sabers will use "Sabres" as their team name and Buffalo as their position. Using "Buffalo Sabres" as the team name will cause your team to be called Buffalo Buffalo Sabres.

Here, you can also set your team reputation, market size, and local fan base. I like to use a low team reputation and then work my way (choosing "bottom" as the team reputation is typical). You may want to use the big market to attract well-known free agents. I choose medium.

Finally, I like to set my local fan base to Hardcore because I like that the small-town team has 100% enthusiastic fans. If you don't like pressure, you can choose Devoted.



NHL 22: How to create your logo, brand, and team uniform?

To design your logo, you can go to the main logo style and find a few options. You have current and vintage NHL logos, as well as simple font options. If you want to create a team from scratch, you will find the best logo in the custom logo category. Find something that fits the name of your team and have fun. You can directly set the team color in the logo and brand menu.

To create a team uniform, I suggest you go to the principal/away/backup jersey menu and click Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to apply the team color. The game will automatically create a uniform and use your team colors on all items. Then you can adjust what you want to, which is much easier than manually changing each part of the uniform.



NHL 22: Team Mascot and Arena Guide

I will not go into details here because these two things are straightforward and do not impact the experience.

Although I admit that creating mascots is fun, I hope that there are more choices. On the other hand, there are too many options in the arena design-you can change your lighting effects and almost all colors in the entire building.

Save these things and move forward.



NHL 22: How to edit your franchise model settings?

Create your GM name and make a team selection. Make sure you select the team you just created, and then make department adjustments. You will be asked if you want to customize the AHL team for Seattle Kraken, and your new team-it's all up to you.

In Division Realignment, you can choose where you want each team to play. I like to mix things and create a similar experience. Since a department will have an additional team, I want to make sure that the team is not too strong.

The next screen is essential: you can edit your career settings to create your desired experience.


The most important settings are:

  • NHL salary cap: I always recommend keeping the salary cap for a more realistic experience
  • GM Firing: If you want to be judged by the owner (and possibly fired), please open it
  • Fog of War: Keep it real-you won't be able to see player attributes until you scout them
  • Owner mode: If you keep it, you will handle the budget, income, relocation, etc.



NHL 22: How to proceed with the extended draft?

Finally, the last step is arguably the most important: you need to select a player from each NHL team (except Seattle). You can choose to generate picks automatically, but what's the fun?

Instead, please pass the team patiently and choose the players you like. The important thing is not to fall into the trap of finding the highest-rated player on each team. What you need to do is plan your lines and keep them in mind. Make sure you have some top players as starters and team leaders-check each team once and identify these players.

After that, choose players with good contracts (avoid those who are overpaid) and pay attention to your salary cap. Ideally, you also want to play for some of the best young players in the NHL 22 and start your team around them. Of course, you will not have access to players like Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid, but players like Mikhail Sergachev (22 years old, 87 OVR, elite potential) will be available.


Be sure to pay attention to your roster at the bottom, and select at least 15 forwards, nine defenders, and three goalkeepers. Also, don't worry. If you don't like it, you can delete it at any time. Nothing is set in stone until you choose "Finish Draft."



Starting the franchise model with a custom team in NHL 22 can be a rewarding and exciting journey. You can use these to build an excellent team to rule the entire game. It can help you win more games, get enough HUT 22 Coins, and improve the game level and experience. The key is to build your team, choose the correct settings, and draft intelligently. Once completed, you can start GM operations and create a dynasty to rule the alliance in the next few years.